Educational Background

* Honours Bachelor of Social Science in Anthropology

(Jan. 2013 – present)
    University of Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

 * Masters in Counseling Psychology

(June 2005 – Aug., 2006)
    University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

* Honours Bachelor of Arts in History

(April, 1994)
    McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

* Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

(April, 1991)
    McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

Training and Workshops

 * Yoga Teacher Training Course - 200hrs

(July 2015)
     - Santhi Yoga School, Trivandrum, Kerala

 * Counseling Children and Adolescents

(April 2014)
    - European Counseling Association – St Julian’s, Malta

* Cyber Counseling Level 1

(Sept – Dec 2012)
    - World Therapy Online, Vancouver, Canada

 * Workshops in “Family Encounter” and

“Free Fall Writing as Creative Therapy”

(Spring 2012)

– Gestalt Centre, London, U.K

 * Level TWO Emotion-Focused Therapy (Aug. 2011)

    - York University Psychology Clinic, Toronto, Ontario

 * Level ONE Emotion Focused Therapy (Aug., 2009)

    - York University Psychology Clininc, Toronto, Ontario

 * Workshop in Psychodrama (Mar.,2009)

-Psychodrame-CEPSY, Paris, France

 * Workshops in “Integrating Art in Dream Work” and the “Hot Seat”

(Summer, 2008)

- Gestalt Institute, Toronto, Ontario

 * Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology of Disease and Differential Diagnoses

(Jan. 2002–May, 2005)

- British Institute of Homoeopathy, London, U.K


 * Yoga Alliance International

(since July 2015)

 * Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapists Association (since 2012)

My name is Barry D’Souza and I am a Counseling Psychotherapist, working with individuals and couples.  

I hope to help you on your road of personal growth.  I will help you attend to all aspects of you and your experience – body, emotion, mind, and spirit.  With this foundation, we will work together to develop your self-awareness, increase your energies and extend your understanding of your life context and its challenges, so that you can achieve the ‘change’/goals that you have in mind! 

I will help you remove the obstacles that stand in the way of your emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.  With the release of your inner resources, you will better express your unique distinctiveness as a human being. 

You will respond adaptively and confidently to life circumstances, and be poised to live a healthier, more meaningful, more connected and empowered life.

Though I am based in Paris, France, an online practice allows me to reach as far as the world is wide.  And so you know I work in both English and French.

I am a Canadian, living in Maisons Alfort, a suburb of Paris.  I have been living in France since 2000. 

Actually, I am something of a transnational dividing much of my time France, Canada and more and more, India.

 I am a practicing Buddhist and a practitioner of yoga.  I teach traditional yoga to high school age students and adults.

 I enjoy traveling and experiencing the world and its people.  I enjoy reading history, philosophy and books on spirituality.  I have been studying anthropology part-time at university, since 2013.

 I love seeing bands play live.  I love music, always have.  I play a little guitar and bass.

I write short stories from time to time and I am frequently in research and non-fiction writing mode.

improve the quality of your life & your personal relationships.