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"Keys To Successful Living Skills" - Workshop

This six week workshop is designed for Lycée (1érè or Terminale) or University levels students.  The workshop introduces students to the basic principles of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and stress management and how to apply these tools to make informed choices and respond effectively to life challenges.

These core life skills, not yet part of the school curriculum, are essential to making healthy choices, acting responsibly and living optimally.  In todays’ competitive and fast paced environment the ability to remain focused, effectively manage stress and build positive relationships are essential to personal and professional success.

 This workshop provides students with vital tools to guide their own transition into the workforce. Through this process they will explore their expectations, hopes and fears of the future and develop the internal skills to make the choices that best support their full potential.

The workshop will help the school to provide students with a transitional bridge between high school and becoming adults. Once integrated into everyday life this new awareness and tool kit will create successful and adaptive living.

 This is glimpse of what will be taught in these six weeks:  

Week 1–What is self-care and what is success?

Week 2–Understanding Body and Emotional Awareness with links to Needs/Action

Week 3–Teaching Positive Thinking, Self-Talk and Self-Esteem

Week 4–Stress Management and Cultivating Energy - Responding vs. Reacting

Week 5–Communication and Relationship Skills Assertiveness/Visualization/Imagery

Week 6–Personal Values and “Being and Becoming You”

 The benefits and tools that will be acquired:

  • To share with peers and have peer support
  • To learn self-care techniques and develop coping strategies
  • To be able harnessing emotions for achieving personal goals
  • To be able to focus on present experiences and moments (versus past and future situations/worries)
  • To have body awareness and tap into their ‘inner self’
  • To be able to create a vision of their future
  • To develop skills for having healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • To deal adaptively with information and stimulation overload

No. of students per group: 6 – 12  

Cost per student: 400 euros