improve the quality of your life & your personal relationships. 



depression and feelings of sadness
anxiety and panic
grief, loss and bereavement
intimacy issues
problems communicating with others
attachment disorders
self-esteem issues
surviving trauma
substance abuse
stress and anger management
gender identity issues
sexual identity and orientation issues
couples and relationship counseling, including polyamory
existential/’meaning-making’ life questions
adolescent era problems
career, educational counseling
conflict resolution

How I can help...

EFT experiential interventions will help you to access the important information about your inner and outer world.  My work is geared to helping you experience, process, accept and integrate fully what you are feeling into the ‘here and now’, into your relationships and into your life decision-making.  


​With authentic presence, I will engage and be with you as you explore all that comes up during the counseling.  With unconditional acceptance of all aspects of your experience and identity – gender, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, religion/spirituality etc. – I will follow you according to who you are, where you are, and all that you want for yourself.​​

Emotion Focused Therapy

Existential Therapy

Person Centered Therapy

​​I will help you to sort through the cultural, social, political and spiritual dimensions of life so that you can be free, responsible and creative agents and develop deeper levels of meaning in life for yourself.