improve the quality of your life & your personal relationships. 



​​​​What Does Therapy Look Like?

Counseling Psychotherapy begins with an initial consultation.  You can decide if you would prefer to do this by phone, by email exchange, or by video conference call. 

In this initial consultation, you can tell me a little about what is going on for you, what aspects of life you want to change, or what personal goals you seek assistance in achieving during therapy.  I will give you some ideas of how I will try to help you work through things.  I will explain in more detail how I work and how our working together could proceed.  You can ask me any questions you want.

If you are in Paris, we can set up an appointment at my office in the 15eme.  If you want to work online by video conference or by telephone we decide on an appointment.  If it is by email text exchange that you prefer, further explanation on that process will be given.

 We discuss what hourly rate of counseling time is going to be comfortable for you.  This is important to me and I will be happy to adjust to something that is manageable for you.  

You decide on how many sessions you want.  In the early stages, while we are becoming familiar to each other, building trust and our working relationship, it might be good to try to be regular, for example, once a week for the first 3-4 sessions.  Ultimately, you are in charge and I will follow you according to your motivation to work.

 We engage the counseling psychotherapy process together - meeting according to the rhythm you set and  working towards meeting your personal goals!