improve the quality of your life & your personal relationships. 

Yoga and Yoga Psychotherapy 

If you are interested in incorporating the theory and practice of traditional yoga into your lifestyle I can help.  I am a licenced Yoga Teacher conducting one-to-one training and group classes. 

If you are interested in a counseling psychotherapy approach that combines East-West, consider Yoga Psychotherapy.

 Why Yoga Psychotherapy? 

Yoga Psychotherapy:  Fuses body-mind and ‘rehabilitates’ the spirit in the understanding of human experience, for client and therapist alike
Makes psychology and spirituality complementary in the profession of helping people face the many issues of life
Synthesizes Western insights and practices with Eastern system of yogic theory and practice in an integrated, flexible, holistic, meaningful and empowering psychotherapeutic model
Nurtures the evolving ‘spiritual mind’ with ‘higher’ ideas, emotions and aspirations.  

Yoga Psychotherapy in Nutshell:

The principles and practice of traditional yoga are integrated into the flow of weekly sessions, supporting new awareness, change and healthy living
In the ���space’ of yoga psychotherapy the multi-leveled flow of body-mind-spirit of the human experience is activated and helps you meet your goals of psychotherapy.  Together we engage the ‘psychological’ dimension of your experience, simultaneously integrating and practicing yoga psychotherapeutic interventions.

Who Is Yoga Psychotherapy For ?

  1. Anyone who is seeking to better themselves as human beings and wants a holistic approach  
  2. Men or women interested in learning a system of ‘healthy living’ that could change their lives for the better
  3. Those who like to learning the theories and practices of ancient wisdom OR persons familiar with Eastern Thought: Vedic, Buddhist, Taoist
  4.  People feeling disconnected from their usual religious practices
  5.  Those who have no real established spirituality, anyone feeling a ‘void’ or ‘spiritual homelessness’ and want to explore new horizons
  6.   People who want to ‘experience’ themselves in light of higher purposes
  7.   Those wanting to create a brotherhood/sisterhood of fellow humans, living connected, meaningful lives, together as one

Getting Started

Individuals Yoga Psychotherapy: contact me to begin yoga psychotherapy on a weekly basis at my office in the 15eme.

 Group Yoga Psychotherapy: Experiential, discovery groups (3hrs/wk for 8-12 sessions) can be organized for small groups (minimum 3 persons)